4 Key Benefits of Using Instagram for Musicians

Instagram is all about images, and people tend to forget about this every single day. As the saying goes “The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” people are posting poorly shot photos or blurry images with dissertation-like captions below their pictures and/or poor lighting. So, they are not aware that there are 4 key benefits of using Instagram for musicians.

1.     Post Engaging Images and Videos Too

You can take good shots and keep them the main thing. You can add videos as secondary but make them done well to be engaging as well. The accustomed shorter videos acquire more feedback from the user than the longer ones. This is because shorter videos require a little more energy and focus than images. They also demand less time of your viewers and more likely make it to the end.

2.     Need the @ and # Symbols

To gain a strong Instagram presence, a good content paired with these two symbols is needed. The @ symbol if used mentions other individuals, organizations, and businesses on Instagram. You can also tag them like on Facebook, and then, your image will show in a separate feed of the other user.

On the other hand, the hashtag (#) symbol is creating a new stream or feed when someone clicks on it. It can start a conversation and join with other existing conversations that have users who don’t follow you making it great to be found on Instagram.

3.     Pay Attention to All Your Fans

Having fans is awesome but keeping them to follow you is also important. When you respond to your fans, be consistent if they comment on your photo post or write a direct message. If you have a spare time, you can check in on your fan’s photos sometimes but not often. No matter who the new person who just began following you, you leave a note on one of their Instagram photos and thank them for following you.

4.     Post Often, But Not Too Often

The average post of a regular Instagram user is approximately 3 Instagram posts a day. Too much of that will be overkill, for example, 5 or 6 videos or images within a day. Sharing too much advertising is not also good.


When you are a solo music artist, it is a bit difficult to post and share both your personal and professional images inside the same feed. Because of this, you can create two different accounts. But if you have no problem with it, it is also fine as long as you are comfortable with it.

But if your goal is for your band, it is a bit easier since your posts will only reflect your group regardless they are goofy or serious. To have at least one unifying Instagram account for your band is highly recommendable. Each member has an option to make his or her band-related account if they desired.