The Secret Ways To Promote Your Music Online

If you want to try promoting your music online, you can be involved in too many channels, platforms, networks, apps, forums, and communities for musicians so that you will be present on them all. But this is a bit impossible to always keep track of, so it is best to focus your efforts on a handful to ensure you’ll bare the most fruit. Here are the secret ways to promote your music online.

1.     Website

You must make this as your priority #1 for your secret ways because having an official music website provides your fans a place to know where they can find you in no matter social networks they come and go. An algorithm determines what content sent to your fans but requires a fan to be present in the social media platform when you’re posting your music on your website. There will be possibilities wherein your content might not be get seen.

2.     Mailing List

Another best secret way to reach out to your fans if they need to be reached is still the email. There is a guarantee that what you’re posting will land in the inbox of your fans. A regular monthly newsletter keeps your die-hard fans getting informed about all your music going on with you and your band.

3.     Blog

To have your own blog offers a regular, longer-form glimpse for your fans into your music world. You can get them to speak all the things going on with you and your music band like recording or touring diaries, album reviews, lyrics, or your band’s personal entries about something that made you feel strong emotions. Your die-hard fans will also get more interested in connecting with you. They can learn more secretly about the whole creative process behind their favorite music you created.

4.     EPK

For those who are not aware of EPK (Electronic Press Kit), it is basically a resume for your music band, which includes up-to-date bio information, tour dates, and music, as well as contact information. This is a terrific secret way to get more opportunities such as booking shows, shopping for a demo, or connecting with people in the music industry.


There is no one answer since you need to certainly do trial and error. To identify your best secret ways for your music promotion, you have to answer some simple questions such as identifying your ideal fans, the place where they spend most of their time online, the place where similar music artists find the engaging audience online, and the type of content your fans focused on to get started. Once you’re done with those, you can proceed and explore the available various platforms and properties that fit you and your music.