How To Find More Time To Your Music While Working Full-Time Job

It is a juggling act to find more time to your music while working on a full-time job such as home office or caring of young children and aged adults. It is definitely not easy, and so, here are some few ways on how to find more time to focus on your music.

1.     Determine When You Are Most Productive

You need to determine when you are most productive and most inspired. If you feel motivated to work on your music early in the morning, it is okay since your kids are not still up and you’re not yet distracted. You can also do it late at night if you’re done with your tasks within the day. You can squeeze it in the middle of the day like the kids’ napping time or lunch time.

2.     Set Your Lunch Hour As Your Music Power Hour

Your lunch hour is a golden opportunity for you to make some progress with your music. You can set this hour as a music power hour in your schedule so that your kids are occupied doing a quiet activity or afternoon napping. You have at least an hour to extend your productivity to your music. If so, you can work on some lyrics you just started writing on using Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote making it easier to get back where you left.

3.     Make Your Idle Time As Your Learning Time

Your idle time can be your learning time to feel that no time is wasted while you’re commuting from or to your full-time job. To build your music career, you can subscribe the educational resources online such as podcasts and audio courses into your device automatically. You don’t have to use data or use wireless connectivity to learn something new every day. This helps you to advance your music career and be inspired on the go.

4.     Invest in Help

It is highly recommended to invest a small portion of your weekly income into hiring a virtual assistant to aid you in doing music-related tasks that don’t need to be done by you. Among these tasks are social media posts, writing blog posts, updating your website, writing your newsletter, and managing your email list. Or you can hire someone to do babysitting to watch over your kids so that you can get your recording done. You will also have a valuable time to perform on stage, connect with avid fans, and write and record your music.


So, passion alone is not enough to go through the battle-tested struggles in your music. You must make sure that there is detailed planning to get things done. You have to let go of your fear and resistance if lack of the plan is standing between you and your dream of a music career. You could do with a really smart investment to prevent from juggling the demands of a full-time job and your music career.