How To Gain More Fans For Your Music on YouTube

It is not a surprise that YouTube has become a must-use social media platform for musicians because of videos are an important medium for your music promotion. It is a way to connect more deeply with the fans with your music. So, here is how to gain more fans for your music on YouTube.

1.     Set Up Your YouTube Channel To Musician

You should set up your YouTube channel type to “musician” in order that you’ll benefit from the features that YouTube offers. To aid your band’s promotion further, you can post tour dates to your channel. You upload a photo or logo that the fans will easily recognize you on YouTube and other channels. This serves as a big part in the subconscious emotional connection between your fans and your music.

2.     Produce Great Videos For Stronger Connection

You need to produce great videos so that your efforts in optimizing search results will not be put into a waste. All your official videos must be on your YouTube channel in that the views and fans will lead back to it. You can add lyrics videos to develop a stronger connection with your fans to your music. You can also showcase the inspirational music of other bands through cover videos.

3.     Optimize Your Videos To Be Found In Search Results

You can optimize both your videos and YouTube channel to be easily found in the search results. Your Title and Description must be clear and consistent all over your videos. You include the name of your band and the song and the name of the artist you’re covering if you have a cover video. The description contains band name, song name, lyrics, album name, song meaning, and links to purchase.

4.     Be Consistent With Posting Videos

It is critical in the digital content that you must be consistent with posting your videos. You decide on the frequency like once a week with the same time or day every week. You also settle on the video and audio quality and name. Plus, you always respond to all comments and questions to your audience since they have their inputs about your video, the lyrics, and you as a musician.

5.     Encourage Your Fans to Subscribe

The organic way to increase your visibility is simply asking your fans to subscribe to your YouTube page. Your subscribers will receive notifications when you publish a new video to your page. This will likely increase the potential views of your future to-be-published videos. You can do some self-promotional content into your other high-quality content to encourage your fans to subscribe.


YouTube is nowadays the second largest search engine with more than 3 billion searches monthly, next to Google. Above 95 million people is subscribing YouTube’s general music channel. Plus, music is the number 1 most commonly searched topic. So, you ensure your music is available to the masses even if there’s still unofficial uploads of your recorded songs.