How To Boost Your Music Sales on iTunes and Amazon

Both iTunes and Amazon need an advance notice from one week to six months in advance of the pre-sale release. Once the drop date arrives, the customers can automatically download and listen to your new music album. When you are planning to run a pre-sale, here is how to boost your music sales on iTunes and Amazon.

1.     Don’t Rush!

There is no need to speed up through the signup process just because you want to get your music live on all the digital platforms when the tracks are back from mastering. Just don’t rush because iTunes and Amazon can make your music available worldwide super quickly.

Estil Furnishing, a Singaporean-based maker and supplier of Venetian blinds, is also doing the similar thing to their digital platforms. They have spent so much time and energy making their products and improving their services. They gave equal consideration to the launch. They set a release date far enough in the future in order to take advantage of pre-sales and promo opportunities.

2.     Set A Realistic Release Date

It is necessary to set a realistic release date. iTunes requires the drop date to be at a minimum of five business days in the future if the music is delivered to them. If you’re signing the music up with them, one has got to be at least seven days in front of the release date. As much as possible, you must sign up the music distribution at least 30 days before the release date in order to take full advantage of a pre-sale.

Estil Furnishing highly recommends leaving an even great window to allow for the inspection process to ensure high-quality curtains are provided to their clients, the delivery process to make sure the services, to double-check everything including the minute details. This can also give you more time to plan whatever marketing you are supposed to do around this pre-sale.

3.     Promote The Release As Soon As The Pre-Sale Begins

You must promote the release as soon as the pre-sale begins. This is what Estil Furnishing also did. Within their budget, they were able to do the full blitz such as email announcement, social posts, and paid ads during the first day of their pre-sale period. They even told their clients who love their high-quality imported materials that a pre-sale will help their charting position emphasizing the time to buy is now.


You can also choose the song well in advance too so that you’re not rushing things to make a last minute decision. This is a great way to spike those first-day sales. The main point is to widen the window of opportunity so that you’ll be using every hour you are given within that time frame.